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Appliance Repair Aurora IL

MVP Appliance Repair Service performs prompt professional Appliance Repair in Aurora, Naperville, Dupage, Cook and surrounding counties. Our local technicians can repair all popular brands and all models of household appliances.

You can depend on us to be at your house on schedule and perform the best appliance repair service for you. We specialize in appliance repair turnaround and completion times and it is simple as scheduling a service call.


We offer same day appliance repair service and in most cases we can repair your appliances in one visit to avoid the hassle of not having your appliance working when you need it.


Our repair technicians are highly qualified and experienced with many types of appliances and brands, we will take care of your machine surroundings and overall appliance environment to provide you with quality service.


You should know ahead of time what you will be paying for labor. We use flat rate pricing for our repair services so there are no hidden charges, or surprises.

Aurora Appliance Repair Service

Our 3 Step Service Process


Diagnostic Assessment

We charge an $85 upfront diagnostic fee to inspect, test and pinpoint the failure in your appliance.

This amount is credited to the final and total cost of the repair 

after your approval of the repair estimate.


Repair Estimates

At the end of your diagnostic assessment, the repair technician will provide a detailed estimate outlining their recommended approach to fixing your appliance. The technician will also cover the parts  and costs to
correct the failure. Repair estimates are subject to your approval before work begins.


Repair Completion

After approving your estimated repairs, your technician will gather the necessary parts, tools and technical schematics. We carry most parts on our trucks which allow our technicians to complete more than 85% of jobs
during your initial diagnostic assessment appointment. 

If your repairs require special ordered parts, you will be provided an ETA for the follow-up completion appointment. At the completion of your repairs, you'll have the opportunity verify and approve the conducted work.

Full Service Appliance Repair In Aurora IL 

We service all brands of household appliances – Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, GE, Kitchen-Aid, Wolf, Kenmore Sub-Zero, Sears, Bosch, Frigidaire, Amana and more. We fill our service vans with manufacturer replacement parts and provide a 1-year warranty on all replacement parts and labor to solve all of your appliance repair aurora IL problems quickly and  guarantee customer satisfaction.


  • Basket/Drum Won't Rotate
  • Clothes Not Clean
  • Makes Loud Noises
  • No Power/Dead
  • Water Leaking
  • Not Filling
  • Not Emptying/Draining


  • Burning Smell
  • Drum Won't Rotate
  • Lint on Clothing
  • No Heat
  • No Power Dead
  • Too Hot
  • Makes Loud Noises


  • Dishes Not Clean
  • Dishes Not Dry
  • Door Won't Open or Close
  • Makes Loud Noises
  • Won't Drain Water
  • Water Leaking
  • Won't Start


  • Controls/Display Not Working
  • Gas Smell
  • No Power
  • Not Sparking 
  • Stays Hot
  • Knobs Not Working
  • Not Heating


  • Not Baking
  • Not Broiling
  • Not Hot Enough
  • Too Hot
  • Door Repair
  • Display Not Working
  • Not Heating


  • Clothes Not Drying 
  • Multiple Dryer Breakdowns
  • Not Hot Enough
  • Have To Run Multiple Cycles
  • Burning Smell When Drying
  • Lint Buildup Near Dryer Vent
  • More...
aurora appliance repair


Appliance Repair Pricing

When won't perform any repair services,  without your authorization of the repair estimate &  associated charges. As well as validating the quality of the completed repairs. 

After diagnosis the technician will explain the cause of the failure; give you the price to correct the failure. As well as all associated payments that are required prior to the time of completion.

Cancellation and rescheduling requests must be requested via email at least 12-hours prior to the start of your scheduled service. 

Home Warranties & Insurance

If your appliance is currently protected under warranty and/or insurance coverage, then your diagnostic assessment fees and/or repair charges may be covered by your provider.

Please feel free to give us a call or begin to schedule service online to determine if your appliance is under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you purchased a third party extended warranty, we recommend you contact the provider for a pre-authorization number prior to scheduling a service appointment.

Accepted Forms of Payment

aurora IL appliance repair service

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does an Appliance Repairman Charge?

On average you can expect the to pay $175 - $250 to repair most appliances. In a broader range $75 - $500, most appliance repair companies will charge a diagnostic/service call + cost for parts + labor. Different companies charge a flat fee or per hour charge, with most repairs taking less than one hour.

Is It Worth Repairing A Washer?

This is a case by case situation but a general rule of thumb is if the machine can be repaired for 50% or less of a comparable replacement, the appliance is up to your standards cosmetically and the machine can provide at mininum additional 3-5 years of service with any other malfunctions. The appliance may be worth keeping and repairing.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Stove?

The average price for a repair on your oven range can range from $75 - $200, this price will depend on many factors including the damage incurred, the brand and model and the parts needed to complete the repair.

Is a Dryer Worth Repairing?

In general most dryers are worth repairing due to nature of these machine being based on a basic foundation of heating and spinning. The average life cycle of a dryer is about 13 years on average. With most repairs being rather simple and inexpensive to tackle.

How Much Does It Cost For A Refrigerator Repairman?

Depending on the repair the cost can vary greatly. If it is cleaning a dirty coil, unclogging a drain line, or replacing a thermostat one can expect to pay in the range of $150 - $275. With some costs upwards of $300 - $500 depending on the severity.

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