Washer Repair

MVP Appliance Repair Service team has the knowledge and hands-on expertise to efficiently and effectively handle just about any washer repair problem. And unlike some services, we provide repairs to washing machines for virtually any make or model.

Our washer machine repair experts can affordably and quickly get your washer back in top working condition. We'll send a professional washer and dryer repair specialist to evaluate your washing machine, pinpointing the problem and accurately diagnosing the source.



A common type of washer repair is for loud noises coming from the washer. Technicians is able to uncover the cause of the strange sound and determine if we will need to repair or replace the broken parts in the washing machine. The origin of the sound is often due to a worn-down pump motor or worn belt or bearings.


If your washing machine does not turn on, first take a look to see if it is unplugged or if a circuit breaker might have flipped off. The issue could also be due to a broken latch, timer or thermal fuse. A washer that won’t turn on or agitate means the agitator cogs, drive belt, coupler or transmission may be in need immediate repair or replacement.


A washer that doesn’t spin means there’s an issue with the wax motor, door latch or motor coupling. We is able to repair these issues in no time at all and have your washing machine spinning again very soon!


The usual reasons for a washer overflowing is either the water level pressure switch, water inlet valve or the air dome tube on the washing machine.


A malfunctioning temperature control switch or inlet hose is usually the reason why a washer won’t produce cold or hot water.

We offer comprehensive services, and inspect all of your appliance's connections, from inlet hoses, drain lines, to agitators. We ensure that your washing machine is in tip-top condition. Call us for your same-day service  washing machine repair.

We Repair All Washer Brands & Appliances

The service all brands we repair  include – Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, GE, Kitchen-Aid, Wolf, Kenmore Sub-Zero, Sears, Bosch, Frigidaire, Amana and more.

We fill our service vans with manufacturer replacement parts and provide a 1-year warranty on all replacement parts and labor in order to guarantee customer satisfaction!

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